Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's not about food!
We had a dinner party at my place last thursday. It was a one day notice and I went almost crazy getting stuff done. We had Beetroot Raita, Russian salad, Ceasers chicken salad, Sewian (vermacelli ) biryani, fried Quail, Bhagare baigan ( egg plant ) , Khumb Akbari ( Mushrooms) and masala papads. And for desert - Ras malai and Trifle. Needless to say It was a long weekend!
This is the Beetroot raita. I just loved the colour! And this makes a good dip too. The kid had it just for the colour.

I loved the way this looked. You know - the colour looked just too good to eat and it tasted nice too. Now photographing food is a complicated business. Safe to say that everything looked just delicious but the pictures tell it differently so those other pictures are canned.
Anyhoo, we also had a last minute cancellation and three people couldn't make it. I was not too upset - lazy 'ol me was happy to have enough leftover for the next day which meant that I could get some much needed rest and peace! Hey, I was being positive, not lazy !!
This weekend I went to the Magrudy's Book shop in Dubai Festival City. Nice place and a good collection of books. Even the reading area was very cozy. I was pleasantly surprised to see a craft section there. They had quite a nice collection of crafts books too - although a very few crochet books. There was some nice yarn and thread too different types ( mostly sirdar and UK yarns), really pretty but not much of a colour range - even finding such types of yarn available out here is such a treat. Even if it is just eye candy! I found the prices way too high- all the yarn and the books too. But it is worth visiting.


Anonymous said...

the raita looks so pretty!
I 've heard about Magrudy too .Yes its always nice to find yarn and craft books .Even if we do not buy them just the feeling that it is accessible to us is a nice feeling rt?
Love that knit hat.its adorable!

Vik said...

I wish I could have go in replace of the ones who cancelled the visit! ;-) I know what you mean, about leftovers for next day! It´s great to open the fridge and find delicious food waiting there!

V JR said...

Yeah... the raita has got great colour! I know what u mean about the photos getting canned... I always experience that! Its too difficult to take pics of food items.

You know, u r so lucky u have got access to atleast some crochet books... here we have got no craft books at all... no crochet, no knitting... not even embroidery books!

Yasmin said...

Thanks Pearlin ! You know the feeling all too well.
Vik,you are most welcome but I'm scared to even think of how all the spicy Indian food would treat your! Even the desert was left over - it was a treat!
V jr, you poor soul ! Where do uou live? I understand how you feel. It was just the same here sometime back. Even now there is only a pitiably small collection of supplies out here- but it is there and I'm thankful for it.Maybe you can email me privately and we can work out something.

Mimi said...

Hmm...the food sounds really good (minus the spiciness for me)...
I also like looking at crochet/craft books and magazines, but only buy when the price is super low ;)

V JR said...

Hi Yasmin,
There is a surprise for you in my blog.... do check it out without forgetting!

stk said...


Just came across your posts in alainexpats - please tell me how I can contact you - would love to join a crochet group :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, it does seem that your package is lots somewhere in between here and there.
I am working with the post office to file the insurance claim. I am also working on a replacement package that will go out in two weeks.
If it's ok can I send it UPS? They are just so much more reliable that our postal system.

I am so sorry about this.

Your CM Secret Pal