Monday, July 07, 2008

And...........More Doilies!

This is a doily that I first saw at Swapnae's blog and quite liked the shape of it. It's a charted pattern and quite easy too unless like me you lose track while listening to music and talking/ playing with the kiddo during a long drive and skip a couple of rows and then realise the mistake at the second last round! Yes I had to frog out 8 rounds !!! And anyone who knows me knows that I hate to frog out my work. I try in any way to work around my errors...laziness? , I suppose! This doily is done in a nameless silk/ rayon blend thread that I got from Bangalore last year. The thread is very slippery to work with but the end result is so worth all the struggle with thread. The finished peice has a very polished and classy look to it. The pictures don't show but it looks very classy in person.

This is also a charted doily I saw in a Chinese pattern book. There is no name for it , just a chart given with the doily number.So I decided to call it Peach star Chinese Doily.This was a surprisingly fast to make doily. It took about a day of working on and off. It's done in size 10 omega crochet cotton thread. My favorite part of the doily is the outer portion which forms the peaks. I like that mesh like look of it.I had toyed with the idea of adding beads to get away with the picots business but decided against it as I felt it would draw attention from the pattern stitches as beads invariably do.Don't you think?


MrsFife said...

They're both lovely! I also like your Chinese one, is it made in one piece or did you have to add the peaks separately? Now you make me want to try it with beads...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the second one! It's so pretty! A clear, irridescent bead or a bead that matched the thread color might have done well.

Shweta Shankar said...

Gorgeous doilies. I am working on the first one too. Hopefully it will come out as nice as yours and Swapna's.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Your doilies are beautiful Yasmin
Hounddog (Darlene)

WilBlg4Yrn said...

ooo They are GORGEOUS!
I think beads would have detracted from everything.
I have mailed your box out and read where you'll be out of town so I will not worry if I don't hear from you.
Sorry I have not talked to you.
I do hope all is well.
Your Mania Secret Pal

Kimberly said...

Love the doilies!! They are both gorgeous, but the Chinese one is spectacular!

Charmaine said...

Wow, these are amazing! We really need to get to together so you can teach me how to do these! They realy are quite spectacular!

Mimi said...

Those two doilies are so lovely...interesting shapes, excellent job, Yasmin!

Anonymous said...

Lovely doilies .Perfect as usual :)

Yasmin said...

Thanks for the compliments on my doilies. Good to see so many friends here.
Swapna, the doily is worked in one piece even the points- that's the best part.
Thanks Val, Clear beads would have been good, I guess. Thanks for visiting.
Shweta, all the best with your doily. I hope you find it easy and I'm looking forward to the pictures.
Thanks for dropping in, Darlene and thanks for the lovely compliment.
So It's you, Kari - My mania secret pal! Ah ! this is fun. I'm so excited about your puffy I'll check on it right away - I just got back from the trip.
Thanks Kimberly, I love the Chinese one too.
Thank you Charmaine. Good to see you here.
Thanks Mimi ,I'm glad you think so.
Thanks Pearlin! Lol...not perfect, if you look very carefully find a boohoo. Not noticeable really, but it is there!

Cindy/Snid said...

Glad you enjoyed my pics from Hampi! Your crochet is gorgeous. I might have to learn how to crochet one of these days.... ;)