Sunday, July 06, 2008

5-Hours doily
So I had promised last time about my next project that it wouldn't be a tissue box cover again.It's my ever favourite doilies. Yes, I'm on to making doilies once again. But don't you worry , I have many other projects on the go. This one is called the 5-hour doily. Seriously, it takes lesser than that much time and is a simple and quick to make project. I was watching a Hindi movie and I had this one ready by the end of it. It's not one bit surprising if you are familiar with Hindi movies- they are very long , like 3+ hours. And it looks like lately the movies are getting longer and longer !

I've seen this doily done by my other friends ( a group project ) in a combination of colours and it looked very pretty too. But I could not resist white -there is something about white doilies ...the simplicity and the elegance , maybe.
The other day I saw this lovely recipe at Pearlin's blog.It's nice and quick recipe and makes lovely side dish. Thanks for the recipe pearlin- you were right it made a great sandwich filler.
This was supposed to be along catch up post with al ot of show and tell but Blogger is really slow today ...hey the internet is slow too since yesterday! So watch out for more pictures, maybe tomorrow. You all have a great day !

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Kimberly said...

I love the look of a white doily too! Yours turned out great - nothing like a quick project to get that happy "I've something done to show off" feeling!