Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Nordstrom Hobo Bag

I had seen a post about this bag at the C'ville sometime back and had been smitten by it ever since.I checked out Dao Lam's Blog - Just One More Line for the pattern , yes ,its a free pattern. I couldn't stop drooling over it. I had to make it right away. But I had to find purse handles first!

I had waited all this time to get the purse handles. But as I've been telling time and time again , there are hardly any craft supplies available in this country. Strange thing, because in this place , UAE, you get all kinds of things from all over the world- except yarn, hooks,pattern books , craft supplies etc ! Why ? I wonder!

Anyways, finally , after repeatedly failing to get purse handles , I decided to just get on with it and make the bag and make crocheted straps for it.And here is the picture of my bag. And maroon and burgundy are colours I cannot resist. I used a velvet ribbon in beige gold.

This bag was fun to make and I know I'll be making many more of these. I like the pattern simple and elegant. I used Red Heart super saver yarn . But the next time I'm intending to add a little twist - maybe hook up come nylon and acrylic yarn together.


Pink said...

That is a gorgeous bag, Yasmin, can't wait to see the next one with a twist.

I hope your move goes well, it sure is a stressful time...the part I hate the most, apart from the actual leavng one place and going somewhere else, is rehanging my clothes...that drives me bananas!

CrochetManiacs said...

I like that pattern, and the color you choose is very pretty. Did you line it? I myself do not like my crochet bags lined....I do not think they are really pretty because I can always see it through the crochet. I don't know, I have heard that some do a crochet lining instead. Have you ever did a purse or bag that way?
I think I would like that. I may just try this one, it is really very nice....a style that I like a lot.
You did a great job on it Yasmin. very pretty.

Mimi said...

That's a lovely bag, Yasmin!
I like the photo too, nice shot ;)

Ulla said...

2 bags in 2 different styles.Love them both.This seems to have been a lovely exchange.Ribbon or beads are decorations that underline the design and change a simple bag to a bag for holidays and when you go to a "party" or something like that.
Ulla in the north of Sweden wishes you a nice weekend.In Sweden we celebrate Easter.

Pearlin said...

Hey I made the bag too,just havn't lined it . Did you line yours?You know what,Yas, I used the same colours as well.Great minds huh?
Yours turned out great!!!!

Yasmin said...

Sue , I know what you mean by stressful time ! And yes , I too hate the putting back stuff in proper places thing ! I's bad enough that you have to pack up every small thing but you have to unpack too- now that's so unfair ....ugh ! Wish you too goodluck with the move.

Kathy , glad you liked the bag. Yes, I lined it with same colour in butter crepe material. I prefer the linig in that material beacuse it is very strong and looks so cool too. I do hate the lining job , though. I've seen bags without lining and they look terrible. The linin does all the big difference- a true finishing to the peice. I've made a bag with a crochet lining earlier. It was like making two bags and attaching them together! It was heavy and bulky. I prefer lining done with fabric instead.

Thanks Mimi ! I'm glad you liked the bags. It good hear that from you - you are an inspiration to me.

Ulla, I agree, little things like beads , ribbons and emblishishments that can change a dily bag to an evening one. You 've been upto some real great projects but unfortunately , I cannot view pictures on your blog :(.

Pearlin, why am I not surprised that we make the same bag in the same colour ??? OMG ! We are turning into mirror images. I hope I get half as good with my knitting as you are. Yes, I did manage to get the courage to line the bag and it was not as bad as I had imagined! So now I'm not so negative about sewing in a lining to a bag. I attached the lining by hand.

Vik said...

What a sweet lovely bag!
If I crochet it someday, I will do the same you did with the handles. I can´t find those things in Argentina either.

Kimberly said...

Love the bag! It turned out wonderfully!

Purse handles are hard to come by in Belgium as well, and the on.s that they do have are very cheap looking with a very expensive price tag attached to them!

Melissa said...

Your bag is beautiful!!!

Yasmin said...

Thanks Vik, Kimberly and Melissa. Since we do not get purse handles out here , I'm still looking for alternatives, maybe I'll come up with some idea. Just thinking ...and I am playing with some wild ideas. Lets hope I can make it work.

Yarn Thing said...

Great BAG! You should join my summer kal-cal! We are making bags and purses! Plus there are prizes!

Check it out!


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