Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ballerina dishcloth
This is the dishcloth I made for my dishcloth exchange a while back but couldn't post a picture because I was waiting for the puffy to reach my partner. Finally I got a word from her that she received it. And here I am with my show and!
It was an easy enough and fast pattern to work.
Looks like I'm in the dishcloth mode suddenly. I've signed up for 3 dishcloth exchanges and already have the first one ready to be posted. I know ....with the moving and things , I shouldn't keep these diversions , but then what can a girl do when she is so tired? Crochet ,ofcourse!
I came across a very interesting and sweet pattern today at Anna's blog . It's a teapot cozy pattern and cute as ever. And as always, Anna's talents always amaze me. Such wonderful creations. Do check it out. It's already on my to do list. And looks like it's going to a friend who is very fond of tea.


Mimi said...

That is a pretty dishcloth, Yasmin ;)
I have also lately finished some dishcloths and will be sending it off soon for a swap. I also found out, it could be addicting to make those dishcloths ;)

Yasmin said...

Thanx Mimi! I too enjoy making discloths - instant gratification. I'm planning to make more with some textured stitches, atleast I'll learn a few new techniques in the process :)

Pink said...

That's a really cute dishcloth...they really are addictive, I have made a stack also.

You asked about the ones I received from Regina, yep, they are all cotton and I should ask her which brand she used.