Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Here I come , The city of Gardens!

So we are all set, packed and ready to move. Now it's the packers and Movers to handle the bigger and delicate items . It's been difficult having all our stuff packed off until God alone knows when I get around to unpacking the numerous cartons- atleast we have a bag of toys for the little fella and my current projects kept aside on top to keep me sane.
I'm hoping to have the telephone lines , cable and internet set up soon enough. So , if I'm missing in action for a few days you can be sure that I haven't got the internet connection. Once I do , I'll rush back immediately to catch up on everything that I missed.
Is it just me or does everybody feels all jittery before moving ? I can't seem to relax's exciting and scary ..... please pray that everything goes fine.


Pink said...

I hate moving! I'm scared and nervous and excited, just like you are. I'm keeping everything crossed for you, and hoping the move goes smoothly.

Take care.

Mimi said...

I wish I was the one moving out and feeling jittery. At the same time I would feel excited too ;)
Good luck, and I hope everything goes well, Yasmin :)

Vik said...

Hi Yasmin! I feel exactly like you when moving... I can´t say Take it easy, because I know you won´t be relaxed until you´ll be in the new home!

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