Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another months has flown by!

It's September already and more than half way through too! Unbelievable how time flies! It's the back to school Rush....and back to routine too. And I haven't blogged in a loooong time. What can I say is getting busier and internet isn't getting any friendlier!!
Long time since I blogged so there is a lot to blog about .Just how many times did I use the word ' blog'? So u can be prepared for many entries at a shot.
First of all , a huge relief that Jibbs, DS , doesn't hate school anymore. Infact , pleasantly shocking though, he has begun to look forward to it. And I really an thanking my lucky Starts for this.
After a long wait I finally got my swap doilies. Though I am still waiting for mine to reach safely.

I received this wonderful package from Denise at the Crochetville Doily Swap. It's an usual spiderweb pattern and I am wondering where I could get it. I'd love to make this doily.
Denise has also sent along a really beautiful floral doily book. There are gorgeous doilies in this one and I can hardly wait to start on it. There is also some green tea . This would be the first time I'll be trying it. Hmm....I like to try out different stuff. Thank you Denise , it's a lovely puffy.

And for those of you who like to inspect things closely , here is a detail picture of the doily and you can see how pretty it is. It's done in a very pretty shade of blue but the picture here makes the colour look washed out. It is a very beautiful blue in person.


Vik said...

Nice to have you back, Yasmin! I think I could never do a doily! The thread is too thin, and the work is impressive! Beautiful!

Mimi said...

The doily and the book both look delightful!

Yasmin said...

Thanks Vik ! Glad to know that I've been missed.
Thank you Mimi. I love the book too.
I haven't been online for a long time many things come up unexpectedly but I've been crocheting like crazy and you'll see the pictures soon.