Saturday, July 15, 2006

Serial bomb blasts in Mumbai
It's heart breaking, shocking and distressing to see the kind of terror that is taking place. It's so disgusting !!! ...totally...what is expected to be gained from killing hundreds of innocent people??? Can such acts ever be justified??? I DON'T think so...nothing justifies killing, hurting and ruining innocent people .
I guess I'm just too upset to write anymore today about this or anything else. Just watching the news makes me want to cry. I cannot, for the life of me, understand what is acheived from this sheer cruelty...except for pain and death. What possible 'cause' could this help???


Ulla said...

Dear Yasmin

We can see on TV cruelty both in your country and in Libanon/Israel/Gaza.I agree with you this is just so so frightening and so awful.I'm sorry for you and all the people who live in the areas where these awful thing happen.Many many more are going to loose their lives and...I wish there could be one day of peace for everyone in the whole world.

Ulla in the north of Sweden where we haven't had real war for hundreds of years.In Finland the war ended 1945,it's about 50 kilometers from here so I saw as a child that they were building up a society .

Mimi said...

So sorry that this tragedy happened. Its very hard to understand, to cope, and to return to living a happy, normal life. We are all affected.
What comes into my mind, there is only one solution and that is, to love. It is so sad, the people who kill, they had not known love.

Anonymous said...

It's just pointless and horrible! I'm so sorry that it happened.

Vik said...

Dear Yasmin, I´m so sorry. It´s terrible.

Yasmin said...

Thank you all. And yes I guess use that hug, Vik. It's a tragedy really that even in modern times you get to see such senseless killing!
Mimi, you are right , if only people would care,love and forgive more easily. Then there wouldnt be place for any hatred.