Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Doily Thoughts!
Not that there are many other kinds these days. But the thoughts relating to crochet appear to be the best to me right now.....or at any other time too!! There have been no recent picture posts of my projects. I'm still working at finishing off projects. Just finished a doily from a Crochet Along. It's blocked and still drying.
And then , another new Doily Swap , yay!!! I dont seem to get enough of these swaps & I'm such a sucker for doilies. Actually it more like a round robin. I really wanted to make this gorgeous floral and butterfly doily for my ' to send ' partner but turns out she prefers a doily in white or Ecru. So it looks like the flowers and butterfly doily will have to wait until another time. So I'm busy looking for a pattern of single coloured doily. There are so many beautiful ones , it gets more and more confusing!!! I want to make them all.
Aaaaaah! I get so mad when I run out of thread in between making a doily ...who doesn't? But what makes matters worse is that this thread isnt available here. I got it from India. I can always order for more but then you know what that means , waiting !!! And that is soooo bugging. I had checked out the thread requirement in the pattern and checked out the thread label. And believe me according to the label just one and a half balls of the thread would've been sufficient for the doily and I had three balls of it. And still it looks like it wont be enough !! So there are some misleading labels here.
The thread baby dress is coming along great. It's going slow , the pattern is quite labour intensive. But I'm enjoying it so so much. I know that it'll turn out just great. But still a long way to go before it's all done.


Vik said...

Oh I´m sorry about the yarn... I hope you don´t have to wait that long...

Yasmin said...

I hope so too Vik!!