Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Busy Days!!!
I have not been ignoring my blog ......just been too busy with life. Had a fantastic week of shopping the whole day and watching the Football matches at night. Now , if you are wondering what the extensive shopping is for, it my brother's wedding soon. And Dubai being the shopper's paradise, I was merely enjoying it. Dubai probably has the best choice of Indian outfits and sarees out of India. We managed to get a whole load of gifts and Sarees for the Bride.Not too many of silks but a lot of trendy chiffons and sequins and crystal work. Maybe I should take pictures of it ....hey no I can't ! The bride sometimes visits me here!!!
And the World Cup season was wonderful. And my son, too, is bitten by the bug. He, ofcourse, supports Italy since they won the CUP.That was one amazing Final. And other extremely exciting match was between Italy and Germany. We used to go in a huge big group of cousins and friend to the Conventional Hall at the World Trade Centre , Dubai. The set up was entirely like a stadium and the atmosphere to match. It was such fun. Now , we are all waiting for the Cricket World Cup next year.
On the crochet front, I'm still working on the same projects that I was a couple of weeks back. With having so much , there was hardly time to crochet.
I'm also teaching crochet now .And I'm so happy that it is going so well. The students seem pretty keen and eager to learn and doing really well for a beginner.
And another thing I discovered....the Postal Authority hates me!!! I still havent received the exchange package which was sent by my partner weeks back...actually almost a whole month!! I'm checking at the post everyday ...but no package. By now , the package counter people signal to me even before I enter that ' you dont need to park and come out , nothing in the post for you !!!'. And I have been so polite all the time . How upsetting is that ? I know my partner has put in so much of love and effort into the puffy , I just hope it reaches safely.

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Vik said...

Nice to have you back, Yasmin! ;)