Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lone Star Doily

This doily is called LONE STAR DOILY from the CDS series.

I fell in love with it at first sight . I just love the shape and the look of it. It's an easy enough doily to make and whipped up really fast too. I was thinking of a different colour , but then some doilies I think look best in white. This I felt is one of them ' white doilies'.
I'm working on more projects but still not completed them ..will post them with pictures asap. Incase if you are wondering whether they are doilies again , then I 'd say you are right ....I'm in desperate doily urge!!!

The next thing I'm going nuts about right now are exchanges. I really want to do a secret pal exchange as well. But then whoever is my secret pal would in all probability find out it's me from the very first package from me. How many people from UAE are actually there in any group? Usually , its just me ! So there , that means secret pal is definately not for me . But I'm joining many swaps right now ....and I'm loving it!It is so much fun to make things for exchange partners...the big thrill is in actually making something for someone feels so special!


Vik said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Ulla said...

Dear Yasmin

This is another doily with not so commplicated pattern but it gives real lace and the form is also very nice.

Yes swaps are really nice and I'm also from a country seldom represented in swaps so it's nearly no idea to be a secret one.

Thanks for sharing this picture.Eventually I start with this challenge when I come home from the knitting workshops

MrsFife said...

That is very lovely, Yasmin!
I know exactly what you mean about Secret Pals, too. I'm thinking of joining one now which only has a package at the end of three months...

jaclim said...

Simply gorgeous, Yasmin! I love colored doilies but this stand out in white!

Sonia said...

It's beautiful!
You did a wonderful job!
I luv the blog too!

Yasmin said...

Thank you so much guys say the sweetest things.
Ulla, you are so right. Sometimes the simplest of doilies are the prettiest. Just their sheer simplicity takes your breath away.
Swapnae, hmmm....thats interesting. Just a reveal package at the end of three months. That should work well.
Vik, Jacki and Sonia - Thank you for visiting.

Tandi said...

That is beautiful. Threadwork amazes me.

Mimi said...

I really thought I had typed in a comment here :p Pretty doily, as usual, Yasmin!

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