Saturday, June 17, 2006

That's Incrediboy!!!

Yes, he is still hung on The Incredibles...calls himself INCREDI-BOY! The superhero craze is all here. The bat man costume was in bigger sizes, so naturally, he wants to grow up sooner!! He even had breakfast twice yesterday .

This month on the project Spectrum , the colour in focus is blue. So here is my bit of Blue for June. Havent crocheted anything in blue yet, so this is it until I do .

And on the crochet front, I have not been posting much , but I've been active. I'm once again trying to design. This time it's a purse. I've just done the base so far. I have just a rough idea about how I want it . Lets see how it goes. I've been thinking ....whenever I design anything , I'm too lazy to write down the pattern. Maybe this time I'll turn over a new leaf and actually do the writing bit. Would anybody want to test out the pattern for me? Just a thought.
I'm also working on an very intricate thread baby dress. I have to keep mum about it for now. But all I can say is that it is already looking so lacy and beautiful.
And here is a picture of the mobile phone case. Again, no pattern, just whipped it up while watching Friends ( yes, I love it. I enjoy it so much and I find it soooo terribly funny!!!) .I'm one of those who cannot watch T.V without crocheting. Thats the time when I come up with most of my quick projects.


Mimi said...

It sure is nice to watch your child having fun ;)
That mobile phone case is pretty!

Yasmin said...

Thanks Mimi ! You are my inspiration to mobile phones holders. I love the ones you make.