Monday, September 20, 2010

Bag it 8 ! Shimmering Lilac Elegance

Another evening bag off my hooks. I love the look of this bag and it is big enough to carry all the girly essentials, I think. I hope to display it during the craft fair next month.
The thing I like about this bag is that it is very verstaile. It would go with most black outfits and it would looks great with Abaya as well. I'm still in the bag mode ...seems like it is an obsession. Does this happen to you you try to sleep and all these wonderful bag ideas and designs keep you wide awake and excited? This is like an every night story for days now ....
But I'm making different things as well. I'll blog about it soon.


Vinita said...

Hi Yasmin,

You've given a new look to your blog! I'm visiting your blog after a very long time! I see that you have been making lots of crocheted bags. They r looking very good. Enjoy crocheting.

~ Vinita ( V JR)

Yasmin said...

Thankyou , Vinita. Nice to see you here.