Thursday, August 19, 2010

Other crafts - QUILLING.

*** Warning : Picture heavy post ***

I had long forgotten the beautiful art of paper quilling. Luckily I met this very talented lady, Amna Al Fardh , who was promoting this craft. Looking at her gorgeous works I was absolutely hooked on.
I was so inspired with her beautiful projects that I just had to learn this once more.I had tried it sometime back but because we do not get the supplies locally and lack of beautiful coloured paper discouraged me from pursuing this elegant craft.
These are some of my very first attempts. Nothing great yet, but I enjoyed making these pieces. When I was surfing online I came across such wonderful resources , tutorials and projects. It would be a crime not to try it out.
This Quilled Snowflake tutorial was very helpful. This is my first attempt at quilling.

And some of the other things I've been playing around with. Maybe I'll use this on my son's scrap book.

And then finally this poppy flower. This was my second quilling project. I found this amazing tutorial by Inna Dorman ,which was very helpful. She has some amazing creations in her site- truly talented. My ' to make ' list is growing by the minute.
I just love poppy flowers ...they are my favourite flowers to make even though I've never seen a real one all my life! Now Roses are what I get to see most and I'm not much of a rose person ..... Find them pretty but not really fond of the smell.
Anyways, here is it is ! I have to seriously take some better pictures.


Inna (Crafts, Kids, Quilling) said...

Yasmin, well done! Very beautiful! Thanks for linking to my blog.

Yasmin said...

Inna , I am learning a lot from your wonderful blog.