Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crocheted Book cover

Taking a break from big projects that I'm working on right now. These book covers are quick and easy to make. Just whipped them up with any colours and designs and it's impossible to stop at just one. There are two more of these on my hooks right now.
I'm also trying to polish my sewing skills which at the moment are probably close to nil. I can manage to sew in neat straight lines so far. Lets see how much I learn of this but I'd love to try. I'm so inspired by all the beautiful sewing projects made by my friends online.


Vinita said...

Yasmin, that's really beautiful! The color combination is good too.

Kavitha said...

Yasmin, Novel one. :-) It would make a lovely gift to someone elderly. And you dont have to worry about making in 'feminine' colors or otherwise :0)

Yasmin said...

Thank you , Vinita. I have enjoyed making these.
Thanks, Kavita. I gifted one of these to my son's teacher- she loved it. As for colours, I'm just using whatever is on hand.