Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bag it - 6 Shimmering Black Elegance

Hello after a short break. Yes, I'm back from my 'little ' vacation. It seems more like a dream. Anyways, still settling down into normal routine and finding it so boring.
And ofcourse catching up with various wips and different crafts. I'm having a good time learning new stuff too.
Here is the latest FO to show off!

I guess one of the most common accessory with every girl is a black bag. Yes , I have yet another bag to show :). What can I say's a crazy bag mode. It looks like all I'm doing id making bags. There are two more going on at the moment ....will post when done.But for now lets focus on this one.
It's done in shimmering black and gold thread. I like the look of the crocheted fabric. This bag is surely much better to look at in person than in these pictures. I know my photography skills are way off from any decent level but in this case I think it's the black that makes it difficult to capture a good picture. I've always found it difficult to get any decent picture of my projects in black.
I'm thinking of more stuff in this thread and combo. Loads of ideas but lets see what materializes.


Goldibug said...

I LOVE it! What pattern did you use? I think one of the best ways to get bags we love is to make them ourselves. They're so much cheaper and cuter that way :)

Mimi said...

Welcome back, Yasmin!
I guess we all love bags, especially for us who crochet, we can never have enough of our own handmade bags ;)
That one looks so stylish and elegant in black!

nima said...

wow..lovely bag...yasmin please guide me to the pattern...i want to try it.

Your phots are usually should have used a lighter background for this photo...that's all...bag looks lovely

Yasmin said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment, Goldibug. It's a pattern I improvised from the famous Fat bottom Bag pattern. Thank you for dropping by:)
Thanks, Mimi. It means so much to get a positive comment from someone as talented as you are. I too liked the subtle elegance of this bag - only the picture doesn't show it.
Thank you , Nima. It's a modification to the Fat bottom bag. I made a few changes to get a little different effect thats all. I suggest you try the fat bottom bag - it's very similar. And thanks for the pointer, I'll try taking pictures of black projects on a lighter background.

g.aruljothiKarikalan said...

really nice bag ... i too want to make a fat bottom bag... for that first i should finish my pending works :)