Sunday, April 05, 2009

My first ever knit baby sweater ( part 2)
Remember a while back I was talking about my first knit baby sweater in this post? Well and then in this other post I showed pictures from the book ? Well, for those who have not yet lost their patience with me , I finally have the picture of the sweater I knit.

The rolling edges was a problem with the stockinette stitch and yes the crocheted edge solved the problem. So the finshed version is here.

This sweater was esy and fast enough to make but the part that got me stumped was seaming the different pieces together and the rolling did not help! But well, I'm glad I have my knit sweater done and out of the way. Now to tackle other projets on my list. Did I mention that I'm leaning toward lace knitting? I know it's crazy but I love the look of it and who knows how long a knit lace projects will take. I'll take me forever to get it done .....But I'll brave it anyways.


Preeti said...

Isn't it fantastic how a crocheted edge helps with rolling edges!! I like it a lot! Fantastic job for your first baby sweater. Now you will be whipping out the February Baby Sweater in no time at all. It's small and it's got an easy lace repeat, you will enjoy it!

You have to come to the next meetup that the UAE Knitters are planning, you will really, really, really enjoy it!!

Yasmin said...

Preeti , thanks for the cheering and encouragement. I'm working on the feb baby sweater but it'll have wait for now as I'm working on the craft fair for 10th April.
I read about the last meet and I'm so totally jealous.I hope I can make it too. Working at it- lets hope I can come.

nima said...

wow...that looks very pretty....i liked the crochet edging too

Amrita said...

I just love this cute! The edging specially makes it look pretty. That reminds me, I need to knit up a sundress for my little niece of 5 years....she is such a naughty darling! :)

Mimi said...

Its a pretty sweater Yasmin, nice colors and what a difference the crochet edging made!
However, I'm afraid we're slowly losing you to the knitting side ;)

Bhavna said...

It's very lovely. The color is great and the edging is beautiful!