Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Blogs
Well new to me anyways ! I just came across a couple of new Indian bloggers who also crochet besides doing other crafts. These blogs were very interesting and have some really lovely projects done. This is Ummeyusuf - lovely projects done and she is generous with the patterns too..... very talented and beautiful work done .
Another blog I came across is Nimatitus. It's very interesting and has a feel about life in UAE as well as some very pretty projects. Check these out.
And when I'm not busy blog reading and browsing I actually am doing some crocheting and catching up with more knitting stitches. I've tried many different stitches and now have officially started on cable stitches!!!


Mimi said...

I have found Ummeyusuf's blog a few months ago, because of her cute cellphone purses.

Ulla said...

Since last time you have made so wonderful bags.So inspirating.
Have a nice weekend

Nima said...


Good to see you have posted my blog in your blog entry. I stay in Sharja....I'm a crossstitcher, now i'm getting addicted to crochet after seeing your work...
Keep up you beautiful work

Umme Yusuf said...

(Blushing) Thanks for liking my work. But I am Pakistani thru and thru. Not indian.