Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New and Improved !

After blogging about the diaper bag last night , I kept getting a nagging feeling about the bag. I liked it but then quite honestly ,I liked only the little ballerina booties and the colours used ! Some how ,I could not get myself to be satisfied with it. It was missing something ........and then , late at night , it struck me - sunny days -- sunny look ! So here is the new and improved version of the diaper bag. Finally I'm satisfied with it - A little change goes a long way ! I think it looks better now , what say you? And in the picture you can have a better look at my favourite buttons closure:).
Another couple of things are done too. But I just have to give the finishing touches and upload the pictures. More pictures to follow.Lol!


Vik said...

Yasmin you are a perfectionist! It looked beautiful yesterday, and now... wow, what can I say? Looks professional, looks amazing with such wonderful touches!

Mimi said...

Yes, I agree with Vik, it looks amazing!
Truth is, I wanted to say in the previous post that it will be lovelier if you put crocheted roses than the ribbon ones. Now, its even a lot better than what I thought!

Yasmin said...

Thankyou Vik and Mimi! You girls are so sweet. I can be a perfectionist at times but not always. I like giving crocheted touches to things ... thought I'll try to do things a little different this time , but it didn't work. Now , I'm happy with the bag. This is more of my style :). Lol!

Tandi said...

That diaper bag is so cute! What a great idea!

CrochetManiacs said...

That Is Gorgeous Yasmin, very pretty