Monday, November 13, 2006

Already into November !!
I've been a bad blogger...only one excuse for that ( which might be actually justifiable to some of you : ) )- I've been a good crocheter!!! No pictures yet, but I promise some really soon. I've also been following all my favourite blogs and have stumbled upon a few more interesting ones.
My resolutions, every single year , FAIL invariably! I've once again bitten off much more than I can chew.......though I must admit that I'm enjoying it so much.
Off my hooks:
1. Little Girl dress for a friend's daughter.
2. A diaper bag
3. A tissue box cover

On my hooks :
1. Soap dispenser cover
2. Kitchen window curtain
3. Dustbin cover
4. Two tops for twin girls
5. Mesh cap
6. A project for a christmas competition
10. Motifs for a shower curtain
11. Edgings for towels
12. Curtains

On my mind :
1. Beautiful coasters by Mimi
2. A pair of cushions
3. Fat bottom purse - only if I can manage to get the handles

Desperately needed :
1. An extra pair of hand to finish the above mentioned lists
2. Atleast 24 hours additional in a day.
Now that is one big list. I just hope I don't wind up with many more additions to my WIP list.


Vik said...

Hi Yasmin! I was missing you! Can´t wait to see your pictures. I desperately need the same as you! ;)

Kimberly said...

If you figure out how to get the extra hands and the added on time to the day, PLEASE let me know! I am so far behind I might catch up in time for Christmas NEXT year!