Monday, November 20, 2006

It's Raining , It's Pouring ......
And my Dh is snoring !!!! Seriously , it's raining so hard and the weather is so cold and lovely. It's been a looong time since we had rains here. And this is serious rain....there's water collecting on the streets.Okay, I know a lot of you would wonder what's the big deal , but to me it's a celebration. The summer is going and lovely winter is just around the corner.
The smell of first rain ....mmmmmm...lovely earthy fragrance all around. I've put on some lovely music and have all the windows and balconies wide open ...( yes I'm going to mess up the house !!! ) ...and it's such fun. With some coffee and crochet to go with it..... I feel like it's some part of heaven right now.And I had to share it here.
Today Jibbs and me are going to the park to walk in the rain...ofcourse when it slows down to a drizzle.
And on the Crochet front : I have updated the list

1. Little Girl dress for a friend's daughter.
2. A diaper bag
3. A tissue box cover
4. Soap dispenser cover
5. Toothbrush holder cover
6. Trinket Box cover
7. One top for twin girls
8. Mesh cap
9. Project for Christmas competition

1. Edgings for towels
2. Kitchen window curtain
3. Dustbin cover
4. Two tops for twin girls
5. Motifs for a shower curtain

1. Beautiful coasters by Mimi
2. A pair of cushions
3. Fat bottom purse - only if I can manage to get the handles

As you can see , a lot of little projects are done. I have yet to take the pictures. I'll have it up for you all to see real soon.

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Pictures! Pictures! ;)