Monday, October 02, 2006

Broomstick Lace
I've been checking out broomstick lace for quite sometime but honestly didn't like it enough to learn it . But all that changed when I came across Kimberly's post about it. In her post HERE , she has posted pictures of her swatches of this lace and I loved the look of it. That was inspiration enough ! I got out my yarn and my son's plastic ruler ( ofcourse , I do not have a large enough broomstick needle- and I cannot even hope to get it out here !) I followed the crochet cabana tutorial . I must say it's a very good tutorial with pictures that makes it very easy to follow. And there I was making the bromstick / Jiffy Lace. Yay ! Ofcourse it's no where as neat and pretty as Kimberly's but , hey it's my very first try! Thanks to you Kimberly , now I have learn't a new technique.
Once I got the hang of the stitch , I started on a project right away. Yes, I was so inspired by Kimberly's post that I'm making a similar scarf for a dear friend. Here it is ....almost halfway through.

Broomstick Lace


Vik said...

Hi Yasmin! The same happened to me! After reading Kimberly´s post, I tried the stitch too! It´s really nice. Your scarf is looking very sweet!

Mimi said...

I would love to try it to, but really no time to start on it now. Your scarf project is looking lovely! I really like that stitch, its so feminine =)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks terrific! You are doing a very nice job!

Ulla said...

What a pattern!Lovely lace.Thanks for the links.
Have a nice week
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Yasmin said...

Thank you all for such positive comments.
Vik, yes I can see that you are getting addicted too.
Mimi , if only I could be as determined as you. I have so many urgent projects on the go and yet I succumbed to temptation and took up this new project , luckily for me , it's going fast. I think it is very feminine too.
Thank you, Sue. You are always an inspiration.
Ulla , a word of warning , this is an addictive technique :). You might get hooked !

Wendy said...

Very pretty!

Deneen said...

I think it came out beautifully!

Kimberly said...

Your scarf is turning out great!!

Way to go on trying a new technique! I am trying to work up some patterns for a few items but I am struggling to find the time! I will persevere though!

Yasmin said...

Thank you Wendy , Deneen , Kimberly .
Kimberly, you know , you are an inspiration for this one .