Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Preparing for the UAE National Day 2013

Did I tell you how beautiful the city of Al Ain looks all lighted up for the National Day celebrations? It's a treat to go around driving in the evenings. The pretty lights and decor all around is so cheerful. It inspires to create ... Another project in the theme of the UAE National day. Based on the colours of the flag ....all quilled ! It was fun doing this project but the tiny beehive was a killer. It is such a task to keep all the coils even and the same size especially when they are really tiny. Thats the part which took the longest. But I am happy with how it turned out. Looking forward to hearing from my friends how they like it. Here it is after the framing.
I was so excited to show this one I could not wait until the 2nd of December :). I just had to post these pictures.


mousumi roy said...

Hi Yasmin

Its really very pretty & beautiful !!!!

ManuK said...

Really beautiful, Yasmin! Your beehive always looks so neat and clean, very well done!

Sabrina Sulaiman said...

Amazing design for this beautiful creation! Happy National Day, and thanks for visiting my blog :)