Wednesday, December 01, 2010

On the go Pouch
As I've mentioned before I'm trying out all kinds of crafts and enjoying myself thoroughly. Maybe crafters are a blessed kind of people who can find a whole world of crafts and be so happy content with it anytime.
I've been trying my hand at sewing lately. I'm happy with the progress so far.I have been trying different projects and these are a few pouches I made for the craft fair.

I love how these have turned out.They are roomy enough to keep the basic cosmetics and fit in most purses. I have been using mine for the last couple of months and am happy to see that they are pretty practical. Actually, I use it more like an 'easy to change bags accessory'. I just put in all my essentials in it and whenever I need to change bags I don't have to keep organizing things ...just put the pouch in the Purse I intend to carry for the day. For some one like me who is a Bag / Purse lover I keep changing them according to outfits:) and these are so handy to save time.


yarn_lady said...

Awesome stuff Yasmin! What kind of material did you use?

Yasmin said...

Thank you, Vimala :). I used felt material for these but I've done some in cotton as well.

LindaCrochets said...

Beautiful items!

Kavitha said...

Nice project yasmin.. And the use for it you have described is also practical.. nice thought