Saturday, October 03, 2009

Crochet Cradle Bag

Sometimes you just have to make something just because it so cute, you can't resist.Well, that was the case when I saw all the cute little cradle bags all over the cyberspace. I was inspired by the bags here and here.I had to make one I made three ! Just that each one was claimed almost off the hook. This is the only one that spent a short time with me before it was too claimed by a friends little girl.
I'll make a few more of these , I just know it. I love how the little girls get all excited to get them- they make great gifts!


nima said...'s so cute and pretty yasmin

Rima said...

Cute, cute! Great color too.

Preeti said...

What a cute little piece and it would make such a great toy too!

Pearlin J said...

So Cute Yasmin!

Glo said...

Very Cute, My nieces Liv and Lily would just love one of these crochet cradles, Hmmmmm......they would make a cute xmas gift! Thanks for sharing.