Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bag it - 3

Another bag to show off. This time of course it's based on the ever popular "Fat Bottom Bag". Ofcourse since the required yarn is not available out here I had to make some modifications to the pattern in order to get the size and depth that I wanted. I used some purse yarn from India and I'm very happy with this yarn. The picture does no justice to bag at all. In person it is very delightful and eye catching.

The toughest part about this bag is perhaps the lining. I had heard almost everyone complain about the difficulty of lining this bag. But the magic solution was provided by a very talented online friend KEL in her post here.
Thank you, Kel, for your very ,very helpful tutorial. It made the job extremely easy.


Preeti said...

You've done it again, what a pretty bag!

mimi said...

It looks really good based on the photo, but I'm sure it looks fantastic in person :)

Yasmin said...

Thank you, Preeti. I'm enjoying your projects too but lately my comments are not going through.
Thank you , Mimi. The picture does not show the colour right- it looks dull in the photo.