Monday, October 20, 2008

Many many doilies
This was the special projects I was talking about - these are doilies and coasters and of various sizes and shapes with fabric and fine hand embroidery. It had crocheted edging.
This was a gift for a very good friend who really appreciates and values handmade things.I'm not going to make this a huge picture heavy post so I've just put up a few pictures only and a picture with all 12 pieces.

These were fun to make. And my friend loved them.
As of now, I'm working on various small projects and working towards making stuff for the craft fair. It'll be my first one and I'm all excited. Hardly any time left to go and so many ideas and so many things to make. I'm making stuff with all of my original designs and so enjoying it. I hope I end up selling at least a bit:).Wish me luck !


nima said...

Yasmin...wishing you all good luck for the fair. I used to go for this fair when we were in Dubai ( not to sell, just to see). This time i got their mail and i'm going to miss it and I'm very sad. I heard that something similar is coming up here in November. Looking forward to see that.

Your Doilie and coasters are fabulous....keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Wow !!!They are Beautiful!!!
Sending you all the luck in the world for the Craft fair girl.I'm sure you'll sell out!

Yasmin said...

Thankyou Nima. I hope you have something similar out there too. Do check out the November event - you might enjoy it - I hope so.

Yasmin said...

Hey Pearlin, Thank you. I need all the best wishes I can get! Actually I can imagine getting all sold out ...coz I don't have many things , hardly 12 peices so far. Hopefully, I can get at least a couple of stuff sold.

Mimi said...

They are so pretty and look very special, Yasmin!
Good luck on the craft fair :)

Preeti said...

A craft fair???? I somehow missed that!!! I have to check it out. Enjoy all the crafting and I'm sure that you will sell EVERYTHING!!!

These doilies are exquisite, Yasmin!!!!

eSSKnits said...

Oh these are just gorgeous. I am sure your friend must have been really happy to receive these. I would have been ;)

All the Best for the Craft Fair as well.
Take Care

V JR said...

Yasmin, you have made very beautiful doilies... and the embroidery is awesome !! And yes, you have all the wishes from my side for the craft fair. Gud luck!

Yasmin said...

Thanks Mimi, you are an inspiration to me.
Thank you , Preeti. This one is organised by Arte at the Town Square Centre . I can give you the details if you are interested. I hope you come . It would be lovely to meet you.
Thank you, Shweta. I loved making those doilies and my friend was happy with them too. Thanks for the best wishes as well...I hope I sell at least a few .
Thanks V jr. That is a fine kind of embroidery done on clear mesh material and the background is made of silk. I forget what this kind of embroidery is called ...all I know is that it's a French style...and very fine work - enough to drive the eyes nuts! Thank you for the well wishes.

Caroline said...

Absolutely gorgeous work! What a talent you have!

sanhita said...

Your work both crochet and embroidery is awesome!! Beautiful gorgeous work!! You do amazing work!!

TattingChic said...

These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What treasures! I love them! This is an inspiration! I think I'm going to do something like this with my tatting! I blog hopped over here from Nima's blog because I saw your comment about of course I had to come and look! What a treasure trove of needlework you have here! If you are interested I am having a tatting giveaway on my blog that you are welcome to come and join in! :)

armymom451 said...

You do absolutely beautiful work.