Thursday, August 09, 2007

Is everyone having problems with photobucket or is it just me? I have no clue why the pictures are not uploading to blogger or when they are why are they so huge ? The previous post showed my entry for the contest I was talikng about. And here is the original entry for the same contest , but I decided to change it. I called this doily Waffles Doily. It reminded me of waffles and I love those ...yummy !It's done using the same square. I was quite happy with it until the idea for the halter top took proirity.
It's been a while since I blogged thats becoming! I should apologise for my absence, but honestly I just don't know where the time flies. Anyways , I do promise to be more frequent.
Meanwhile , life is going good. My BIL is here for a short vacation and we are having fun together. I had really missed the crazy stuff we used to do ! Well, these days I'm trying new recipes and all his favourite dishes. So it's like a food festival out here. Ofcourse, he is also the one to bear up with the not so tasty dishes I've tried! But the sweetheart that he is , is just happy that I'm making things for him.

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Mimi said...

That's an interesting doily, good luck on the contest.
Oh, the halter is lovely, I hope you have it modeled ;)