Saturday, May 26, 2007

What I've been upto
I've been Mia for sometime ....... not in a crochet rut (Thank God!) . And I've finally found the camera as well. And yes I'm still at the unpacking and settling in - I seriously wonder whether people everunpack every single thing and put it away in a proper place when they move or do they keep some stuff packed until they move again just because those things aren't really needed urgently ? Just wondering .......I'm thinking of actually doing it.
Oh yes , coming back to why I'm not blogging regularly , I'm having a whole of guests coming and it has been such fun. A lot of work and tiring too but great fun. I like having people over and entertaining guests and yes cooking too for big groups! Dh thinks I'm just nuts if I enjoy all this work.
On the crochet front , just finished posting off three exchang packages. Sorry I had to post the packages before I found the camera so no pictures to show. I had also included little Christmas tree ornaments ( my own little pattern - again nothing original and it had a few beads too) which I wanted to take pictures of .....but the Camera chose to remain hidden ! I'm also working on a lace edging for a dupatta for my really sweet aunt and I'm working with black thread in size 20. It's been not so easy and since the the lace is 9 yards ,it's taking forever to do.I was thinking of adding in beads but I'm not so sure now.
Pearlin, Swapne and any other word press bloggers I need your help please! I've commented on your entries several times but they don't appear. Just thought I'd let you know.


MrsFife said...

You've been tagged!

pearlinjacob said...

believe it or not,I was just going to e mail you wondering where you disappeared,missed ya!

Mimi said...

Glad you are not Mia anymore. I would love to see pics of your projects ;)

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