Monday, May 28, 2007

7 Things about me

I was tagged by Swapnae for this meme. And the rules are :

List 7 random things about yourself on your blog.

Tag 7 others.

Leave a comment on their blog to direct them to your site to get the rules.

So here goes :

1. I can read Erma Bombeck books several times and still laugh my head off at the funny parts everytime I come across it.- Dh cannot understand how the same jokes can have me laughing aloud everysingle time I read it.

2. I miss the lovely 'chaat' that you get to snack upon in India, especially in Bombay. I love pani puri, bhel, aaloo chaat , chinese dosa etc...

3. I have atleast 6 dresses ironed and ready to wear at all times. I love impulsive outings and like to be ready at all times.

4. I try my hand at every craft I come across- ofcourse not all attempts are successful.

5. I love comedy shows.- Friends, Bill Cosby Show, According to Jim , and many other funny movies new and old

6. I think Saree is the one of the ultimate Elegant outfit.- Although I don't wear it often , I think it's the classiest one .

7. I just cannot resist popping bubble wrap.

And , it's my turn to Tag now , I tag Sue , Mimi , Tandi , Vik , Ulla, Kimberly, & You!

You don't have to do the meme, only if you wish to:)

ETA : This has taken 6 trials to publish .....sometimes blogger hates me !!


Anonymous said...

I see now that I'm tagged! I will work on this one. What is the translation for chaat? There is a "Chaat House" here and I'm not sure what it means.

Kimberly said...

I am the same way about bubble wrap - almost as bad as the kids are!

Thanks for the tag! Hmmm.....

Mimi said...

Hi Yasmin, thanks for wanting to know some random things about me too. I don't do memes on my blog now since I don't want non-bloggers to know that much about me. But I will tell you some random things...
I'm also curious about the "chaat", but for me the local treat I love is masareal (it is like marzipan, but made of peanuts), and masapan de pili (made from pili nuts). And of course from abroad, the marzipan (made from almonds). I'll pick those treats over chocolate anytime.
I probably only finished reading one novel in my lifetime, and I don't remember it.
I also love to watch Friends, Bill Cosby, According to Jim, and other family sitcoms, but Seinfeld is the one that makes me laugh the most.
I was never a sporty type of person, but I love to dance ever since I could remember.
I don't remember not having cellulite on my thighs! Even when I was underweight, it was there :(
...can't think of any more for now,
thanks for reading ;)

Pearlin said...

tell me about the chaat Yas!!! we have one place here, ......not the real taste of Indian chaat but close enough and will do for those bad cravings.
Ditto you and Kimberly about the Bubble warps.

Yasmin said...

LOL! Chaat does stir up appetites and chat.
Mimi, I don't know what pili nuts are. I'd like to know more. And I know what u mean by rant too!

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Mimi said...

What happened here, Yasmin? You can just delete all of those nasty spam comments.