Thursday, December 07, 2006

Update !
I don't think I have crocheted so much and so fast all my life .....but this deadline thing gets you moving ! My deadline is 11th Dec. I have to finish off the assigned projects and hand them over to the recipents and be off to my vacation! Wow! I can hardly wait ....I need a beak !
1. Little Girl dress for a friend's daughter.
2. A diaper bag
3. A tissue box cover
4. Soap dispenser cover
5. Toothbrush holder cover
6. Trinket Box cover
7. One top for twin girls
8. Mesh cap
9. Project for Christmas competition
10. A top for the other other twin girl
11. Dustbin cover
12. Bathroom mat
13. Floor mat
14. Toilet tank topper
15. Toilet lid cover
16. Toilet Roll holder
17. A scarf and hat set

1. Edgings for towels
2. Motifs for a shower curtain
3. Cushion covers

1. Beautiful coasters by Mimi
2. Fat bottom purse - only if I can manage to get the handles

I hope too that like Pearlin , I too can step into the New Year guilt free of any UFOs lurking behind.
I know , many of you would like pictures here but believe me with all this race against time , I haven't taken any pictures yet. But I promise you a whole load of Picture posts very , very soon!

1 comment:

Mimi said...

Lots of picture soon? I'm looking forward to it, Yasmin :)
YOu are one determined lady, I believe you can finish your projects as planned and also be guilt-free for the coming New Year.
Good luck!