Friday, August 11, 2006

Meme - 6 weird things!
I've been tagged by Swapnae and this is the first meme at my blog. Now to narrow down my weird things about me to just six.....thats a tough call.

1. I love chocolates but can never eat more than three bites at a time. I almost never finish a bar of chocolate at one go.

2. I cannot sleep unless I'm covered with a cotton sheet totally from ears to toes.......even when it is very hot ( which it is for most part of the year out here). I guess this weirdness is a common one among my blog friends!

3. I can never be barefoot unless I'm walking on the grass or the sand.I have different slippers for the bedroom, the rest of the house, the balcony, the kitchen and ofcourse the bathroom! I always walk bare footed on the grass and the beach sand!!!

4. I hate to see anybody brushing their teeth!! Makes me feel sick! Seriously ...I cannot take it.

5. I spot even the tiniest of bugs anywhere in a room before anybody else does ! Bugs, creepy crawlies and specially worms eeek me out totally !!

6. I have to watch a comedy .....anything like movie, a show ,a funny serial or even read a funny book ... every single day.

So much for me being weird! Dh says he can think of atleast 60 things! So now it's my turn to tag and I tag







Vik said...

Oh nooo... ;)
I´m the same as you in 2 and 3, and the opposite in 1!
I´m laughing about what your husband said! Tell him he too!

Mimi said...

I can say I'm similar to you in no. 2 and 5 ;)
You probably have a very big house to need all those slippers!! (just kidding...)

Ulla said...

Dear Yasmin

Thanks for your visit on my blog and that you taged me.Oh so many things I have to be better in.....but I try to live with my not so perfect sides.

Have a nice weekend

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on #2 and 3! Hmm, I have to get busy with my list...
Have a great weekend!

MrsFife said...

Thanks for doing the meme! I'm still trying to catch up on my blogs without being online all the time :)

Anonymous said...

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