Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Okay ! I did it . Isnt he so cute? I did not have the proper brown for it.....couldnt get the shade here . My son was getting impatient I had to make do with whatever colours I had.
Here it is. The little turtle designed by Reecie. Thank you Reecie for the pattern.I didnt change the pattern much ...just teensy bits..the legs are a little 'fatter' and the tail more prominent !


Raquel said...

whata chweet little turtle!!!!!You did a wonderful job on it andI'm sure Jibs loves it!!!!

Tandi said...

Too cute! He turned out great!

Yasmin said...

Thanx Raquel and Tandi. Yes, Jibbs adores it.
Tandi I checked out your blog....its lovely. You have a regular visitor now.