Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Guinness World Record !

I am so thrilled. This is the best news of 2018 for me so far ! Yes , Guinness World Record for the Largest Paper Quilling Mosaic Logo. I did this project for UAE University by training the students and volunteers in Paper Quilling and getting them to work with me on this project. This project was done as tribute to the Year of Zayed , to pay respect and show love and gratitude to the father of the Nation by the people of UAE. The UAEU asked me to come up with a project in Paper Quilling to create a Guinness World Record with the students of the University. The idea was conceived in November 2017 when UAE Government announced the year 2018 to be marked as The Year Of Zayed and also launched the Logo for the same. However, it was February 2018 by the time we had the official approval and go ahead from the University and Guinness Authorities. We worked tirelessly from 12th February 2018 to 8th September 2018 doing Paper Quilling workshops in the University and the hostels to teach the students the basics of quilling. Once the students got the basic shapes mastered, they progressed onto more advanced techniques and created various elements of the design. We all worked together to make the different shapes and elements which were finally assembled to create the designs. the quilled shapes are really intricate and tiny and put together beautifully. I am so proud of my students for creating such amazingly beautiful work. Some more pictures .....

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