Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Special Coils

These are the latest little projects that I have been working on. Well, not projects , but new ideas. I could hardly wait to share it with my friends. So what do you think? Before I get all the credit for this , let me make it clear that this is not my original idea. I saw it made by Erin Perkins and was totally hooked. I gave it a shot and here is what I came up with. I love my crafts and can keep doing these for hours on end tirelessly....seriously, I can when I enjoy it. But then those are just a few phases, you know , like a particular project or a design or part of a design. I may not make sense to you, but I am sure that at least some of my crafty friends would agree that when we work on a project, there are some parts of it that seem great fun and then there are some that you just find a drag. Loving crafts and making stuff is one thing but repeatedly making the same or similar stuff is a totally different story altogether. This are just my thoughts, I am sure many people feel differently. I prefer to have a little bit of challenge at least in each of my projects. Or at the least something new to me ( a technique or method or idea )to learn. Sometimes , of course , I feel like doing something simple and fimiliar and mind numbingly easy. Of course, I have enjoyed most of my projects completely. But then somewhere along the way , there comes a time when your creative juices are refusing to flow try and try but ...nope, it just does not happen. there is just no motivation. And just when you are about to resign and pick up another usual project hoping that somewhere along the way you will get the right spirit to enjoy it, it happens! Suddenly you come across something really unique and inspiring. Something that gives you a drive to to do more and work better. I saw these beautiful coils done by Erin Perkins and was totally mesmerized. I loved it and just had to make it. It took me a while to figure it out but I did. So here I am sharing my work with you. Thank you Erin for inspiring and motivating me just when I needed it. The idea is simply amazing and shows what a brilliant mind can achieve. I loved the challenge and it felt great to see the end result. Enjoyed making these very much.


Risha said...

Wow! How did you do this?!

Krishna said...

Will u show any tutorial

GHAZALA said...

You saw, you figured it out, you did it and I am still figuring it out .That's the difference.I want to see it in person .HAPPY COIL QUILLING!!!ENJOY

hugs and cheers

Yasmin said...

Thanks so much, Risha , Krishna and Ghazala.
So sorry Krishna , I cannot make a tutorial on this as it is a copyright issue.