Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Crochet Halter set

Hi there ! I am back after a long break....only break from blogging (It's not intentional though ,just the lack of time to take pictures basically.) But as always, I am busy working on many projects. Also been busy because I have finally started working again as well. Here is a crocheted halter baby top and a matching crochet scarf/ bandana to go. It is all done in really very colourful and bright ,soft baby yarn and looks absolutely adorable when worn. I promise you it looks 10 times better when you actually see a baby wear it. And here is another one with pastel tones . This one has little flip flop sandals to go with it.


GHAZALA said...

Lovely halters and the flip flops are tooooo them all

Yasmin said...

Thank you , Ghazala. Love your work too.

Mamouna Romer said...

yasmin, i have found a picture of a candle holder in one of your blogs, monday, april 8, 2013,someone here in the netherlands has a similair picture and wanted to know if there was a pattern available... and your blog is the only one i found with this picture... do you have a pattern of this candle holder ? if so, can you perhaps email it to me ?
i promise i will not post it anywhere on the internet... my email is
i think that you make someone very, very happy because she has been searching for a long time
thanks and greetz

Yasmin said...

Hi Mamouna, Thank you for visiting my blog.I made that candle holder a long time back. If I am not mistaken , I had seen a picture somewhere and whipped it up on my own. I had used the ruffles pattern from a doily. Let me check around and I will get back to you. I hope I can help.