Sunday, January 25, 2015

Popcorns and Hexagons 2

Warm and buttery caramel popcorn! This is what comes to mind when I look at these motifs. The beautiful winter of UAE calls for such treats. Yes, I am finally done with the project and the bag is ready. And here is the reason why it look so long to finish this bag even after the motifs were ready so many days back. I was honestly being a good girl minding my own business and working on my bag when I suddenly happened to glance at this black and grey yarn in my work basket. I could not help but try out the motif pattern with that yarn and then as you know one motif led to another ....and it was so distracting! I had this bag ready and done before the one I started with. I am sure there are many people out there who can relate to this. But I do admire those of you who can really stick it out with the project in hand and finish it before you jump on to a new idea.


Pearlin J said...

the black and grey combo is so classy Yas. Love it . Ofcourse i m with you on jumping from one project to another :))

Ranjana's craft blog said...

Very attractive. Even I do the same, jumping from one project to the other. This happens with most of the craft lovers :)

Yasmin said...

Thank you Pearlin and Ranjana. We are all crafty jumping Jacks or should I say Janes!