Sunday, December 28, 2014

A year gone by ......

Sometimes days just go by idea how time flies. And before you know it you are standing at the tail end of the year. I feel like this year too just zoomed past...but looking back I can see that so much has happened, thankfully , most of it has been good. Blessings really ! It has been a very busy crafty year , lots of new friends, new projects, new things to learn, new groups, new craft fairs , new arts and a new job too. It feels so overwhelming when I think about it sometimes , as if there is so much to fit in the little time and space but I have come to realize that better busy that lazy. Of course, I have also come to accept that as long as you dont let stress factor in , all is fine. the key is letting go of a few things that can wait. Unfortunately , blogging has been one of the things that I had to let go in order to let other things fall in place. But I was so surprised and so touched ( and so grateful too ) that so many of my regular blog readers were checking in and asking me why I was not posting anymore. I will try to be more regular now that I know I have some of my blog followers who do visit here and hope to see me posting. Thank you so much for visiting and looking out for me.


GHAZALA said...

Welcome back to the blogland sweetheart
I missed you soooo much.......hope to see your wonderful work once again

Pearlin J said...

Happy New Year Yasmin.Been such a long time. Missed you .