Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quilled Camel

Live in a desert and you cannot stop thinking about the life in the sands. There are so many beautiful things about a desert Funny , though , when people speak about a desert it is usually in terms of heat, sand, dryness, lack of greenery etc... generally with a very dry and morbid kind of feel. Yes, I agree that deserts are not really easy . But I have seen the serene beauty of the landscape, the absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful sand dunes and spurts of tiny little desert plants here and there.It is so magical at sunset that you cannot look away. Anyways, this particular work is a tribute to the beautiful deserts of UAE - my quilled camel. I have grown up in UAE , been here most of my life and can relate to the traditions here and unique beauty of this country. It's my home away from home. P.S : Yes, this is the project that gave me all those horrible paper cuts. This paper has a very sharp edge but is beautiful to work with.


GHAZALA said...

Your camera could not capture the beauty of your art work which i was lucky to witness in person!beautiful work indeed!

Hani Hani said...

Hi Yasmin,
black beauty, isn't it?
Great piece.
Here is in Bangkok, everybody is energetically eating all day.
Really interesting to see them. Food is reasonable and delicious. I'm getting fat.

Yasmin said...

Thank you so much Ghazala and Midori.
Midori , have a great time in Bangkok and enjoy your art lessons.