Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Paper Quilling ATC Swap
I'm thrilled and excited .....feel like a kid with new candy :)This is my first ever ATC and as you can guess by now I enjoyed it very much. These are the beautiful cards I received from the friends in the swap. Aren't they just so pretty? They are now proudly displayed in my living room.

I love each and everyone of them...Each one is different in it's own way.

Love stream's simple and elegant card with a subtle colour and beautifully fringed flower - the intricate design below the flower peeking out - like saying there is more between the lines :

Khawla's Bright and cheery card with such warmth and sunshine to it. I love the flower with tiny little petals and perfect scrolls :

Shaheen's perky delicious quilled strawberry card brings a smile....Love the colours - it's berrylicious !

Shaikha's summery card ....such bright and bold colors. These cards have a dynamic look about them Like they say ...I'm here so you better cheer up!!

Susan Lee has brought in soft romantic poetry with her serene and feminine card. Mmmmm...sweet and dreamy like a fairy tale !

Roopas's sheer lacey card with stamping background and intricate butterfly many different things come together in perfect blend and harmony.

Amna's cards ... What can I say ? I'm so awe-struck to see such attention to details. Amna's work in not just intricate and beautiful but the finishing is perfect. I cannot stop admiring the evenness of her work. The tiniest details like the little pink paisley petals are shaped to perfection !

This swap was such fun and learning experience. I have all these gorgeous cards made by very talented ladies - So much to learn from these and improve my own work. Thank you all for making this swap so wonderful and Thank You, Amna for organizing it.


Mannayah said...

Lovely photos Yasmin .. thanks to you and the other ladies for taking part .. it was so much fun :)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

beautiful project, thanks for sharing!

Hey, I have a giveaway here, please come join in the fun!

Mimi said...

Very nice cards...first time I've seen this kind of craft :)

Kavitha said...

What a beauiful heap.. Love them all

Yasmin said...

thank you , Mimi. This is called paper quilling. It's an amazing paper art done by twirling strips of paper.

Thank you, Kavitha. I'm so lucky to have got all these beautiful cards.

Hussena said...

what a lovely set of cards the peach one stands out the most for me.

Yasmin said...

Thanks, Hussena.