Thursday, June 10, 2010

Better late than never

This lovely pattern was a giveaway by the very talented Nima at her post here. Her blog is very enjoyable and inspiring too.
There are many beautiful versions of this pincushion. Its inspiring to see how everyone works giving their own special touch. It is fast pattern and was done in a couple of hours but it took time to get the fibre fill for stuffing ( I live in the out skirts ). But here we are finally - a bit late but here anyway.
This is the very first crocheted pincushion I made. Wonder why I never got around to making pincushions even though I find them so utterly cute and I use them like crazy. I use my one and only pincushion which was crocheted by a friend and gifted to me.


nima said...

yasmin, so nice to see your gorgeous little pincushion. thank you so much for taking time to work with my pattern

Yasmin said...

I had fun too :)