Monday, September 10, 2007

A little treasure box
What happens when you have just some yarn and hook at hand and want to make a small token for a friend and have no idea what it is that you want to make- and your are sitting in car for a very long drive (so no acess to any patterns)? You want it to be something she'll use, in a colour she likes and nothing too fussy! So, you just decide to get innovative and make a little something!This is what I whipped up. A trinket box is always needed no matter how many you have. Once I made it I realised it's perfect for keeping bangles and bracelets.Just the right size!


Mimi said...

Its pretty Yasmin...would make a very thoughtful gift :D

gnathalie2 said...

I love it!!!

Yasmin said...

Thanx Mimi and Nathalie. I know I'm going to make more of these:)